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An inquiry into:

what strong female & non-binary leadership looks like today
the future of equality &
the definition of the word 'bitch'.

Written by DJ/Producer Barron S
in support of her new single 'BO$$ BITCH'.

Vancouver based DJ & Producer, Barron S wanted to write a song about being a ‘BO$$ BITCH’ because the word ‘bitch’ has been used against women so many times.


'In the past we’ve really used the word as a way to knock down strong & powerful women. So when I went into the studio I was inspired to write this song as a way of reclaiming the word. 


A lot of women that we’ve been throwing that word at are actually demonstrating qualities that if seen in a male, we’d attribute to him being a BOSS or a leader. 


For me, writing this song was a way of pushing back against that. It’s me leaning into my leadership skill sets, which are some of my greatest assets. Yet at times, I have still been made wrong for. 


This song is me saying I’m gonna rewrite the rules, I’m gonna play the game my way, and if you want to call me a bitch, call me a bitch, but call me a BOSS BITCH, cause that’s what I am.’  


There is a fire that emanates from Barron S’ soul when she talks about her music. 


‘Just over a year ago I stumbled across some music industry statistics & was absolutely shocked to see that STILL, just over 20% of the music industry is female, and currently ONLY 2% of music producers are female.


It slapped me across the face! We see women working in music, so I hadn’t realized that there is still so much inequality within my own industry. All of the sudden my mind flooded with memories of all the times I had been the only female on a show bill, or been the only female working in a multi-room studio space with numerous other bands.


It made me think of the time my school show was rejected because our cast was four women & the review board told us they didn’t think little boys would connect with a performance group of all women. It also made me realize just what a big deal it is that I am the 1st female DJ in the NHL. 


It made me realize that I’m not just up to fighting for my music,

I’m up to fighting for equality too.’


The BO$$ BITCH Project' came about after recording the song. Barron S was really excited to share the demo with her inner circle, but what she quickly found was that everyone had a different definition of the word 'bitch', what it means, & if it was appropriate to still be using the word. 

'That is what peaked my interest to create an inquiry with strong female & non-binary leaders as part of this project. It gave me the chance to dive into their definitions of the word 'bitch', while asking if we have reclaimed the word, or if we should stop using it?

As I started researching women in different fields to interview, I found dismal percentages of representation in almost every field. I thought 20% of the music industry being female was bad... 


I began finding research stating that only 13% of engineers are female, 9.3% of Sports Broadcasting positions are held by women, 28% of entrepreneurs are female, & only 2% of female entrepreneurs have businesses that net over 1 million USD per year.

It made me all the more curious to speak with a group of female identifying, or non-binary leaders about how they got to where they are, what challenges they've faced along the way, and what the future of strong leadership looks like.'

And 'The BO$$ BITCH Project' was born! 

It's a 30 day countdown featuring 30 different perspectives on modern strength & leadership.

From Sportsnets' own Caroline Frolic, to Canada's Drag Race's Scarlett Bobo.

It's a deep dive that inspires, makes you think, & shines a light on where we are at,

as well as where we are headed in terms of equality.

About the Author & How This Project Started

Part 1: The Birth Of BO$$ BITCH

Part 2: The BO$$ BITCH Project


'You're really on your own. Here are the pieces, have fun. 
It's 52 million pick up'. 

This is how @IamMindyHarley felt upon being told her long-time partner, & husband of a mere two months, was just killed in a motorcycle accident.

Mindy Harley is a champion. As an International Fitness Competitor & Model she is no stranger to winning awards, however the victories she doesn't have awards for, 
are actually the ones that are most remarkable. 

'It's being in that moment where you want to kill yourself. Where you ponder how many pills & bottles of wine it's gonna take to not feel that pain, and then finally going... 
OK, I have to heal myself if I want to have a future.' 

This is the ultimate #BOSSBITCH spirit. Her bravery in choosing to survive a catastrophic loss, her fearlessly authentic social media posts that shared her pain/recovery journey, & a spirit so resilient instead of burning in the fire life threw at her, she grew wings and learned to rise above it all.

I was eager to speak with Mindy about her healing process & advice to others when dealing with loss. 

(1) Take all the time you need. You have to honour the grief in order to one day move past it. 
(Mindy took a year off from competing in fitness)
(2) Actively look for experiences or communities that can help facilitate your healing journey (her own examples included: working with a Grief Coach, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, journaling, reflecting, reading self help books, practicing mindfulness & being extra kind to herself)
(3) When you are ready say yes to life again. Say yes to love again. You deserve it.

On the other side of it all, Mindy shares that 'it cleared up more than my grief, it really was a deep cleaning of my soul.' Thank you Mindy, for reminding us that taking time to heal yourself is a truly BOSS thing to do.

30 Days ~ Mindy Harley


'Every first is gonna make it easier for the rest of us.'

Sportsnet 650's host, Caroline Frolic Absalom (@itsFrolic) was actually speaking about Kim Ng becoming the first female GM in baseball. While celebrating other women's accomplishments in our interview, she humbly glosses over that she is one of the ONLY female announcers on the West Coast, and also that she pitched her show 'OT' to Sportsnet, which became the station's 1st all female sports commentary show.

Within 'The BO$$ BITCH Project' the number of women working in Caroline's field was one of the lowest stats I encountered. Only 9.3% of announcing & broadcasting positions in sports are held by women. Which means 90.7% of these positions are held by men. 

Upon hearing listener feedback of their show, Caroline & her co-hosts, Lindsey & Lina looked at each other and thought 
'ok, this could be bigger than us.'

Caroline has been a sports fan since she was in diapers, but when I asked her if she knew from a young age that she wanted to work in sports radio, she said:

'I always wanted it to happen, 
but I didn't think it would be possible because I was a girl. 

Representation SO MATTERS! You don't know it's possible until you see it's possible.'

So what is Caroline's advice to other glass ceiling shatters?
➡️ Don't be afraid to ask for what you want

➡️ Find what you love & then find a way to do it. Open your own doors if you have to.

➡️ When you face roadblocks, find a new approach, not a new goal. 

She then powerfully reminds me 'we all have to look out for each other, that's the main thing.' 

In closing she quotes ESPN's Emily Kaplan
'I want women to know there's not a finite number of positions for us out there.' 


29 Days ~ Caroline Frolic Absalom


'I want to find success in being my genuine self.' 

@HeyItsIPO plays 18 instruments & is within the 2% of female Music Producers working within today's music industry. While you would think it would be obvious to parents of a kid who plays 18 instruments, that they would want to work in music after high school... 
it was not. 

What actually happened?
Their own expectations blindsided them. 

"Everyone thought 'Oh! She got into Nursing School! She's gonna be a nurse! Happy Filipino Family! Filipino Nurse. Stereotype ✅ 
We're good.'

& then I turned around & was like 

What came next, as DJ IPO describes it was
'a very, very, VERY LOUD talk.'

It's so hard, because in scenerios like this, most of us interpret our parent’s natural fears & the values they inherited, through a lens of 'I'm not good enough'. 

But something DJ IPO didn't know before our conversation, was that both my Moms, at separate times, told me when they were growing up they were told 
➡️ if they wanted to work 
➡️ they could choose between 3 professions:
(1) Teacher
(2) Secretary
(3) Nurse

One wanted to be a fashion designer & the other a journalist, but instead one became a teacher & other a nurse.

It’s not an easy choice to make, to stop midway down the path that others expected of you, & instead start running in the direction of your dreams. 

Little did DJ IPO know at the time, that the pressure she felt from those around her, is actually what it feels like to break down intergenerational curses. 

Just by following your heart DJ IPO, you are expanding minds, breaking down inherited value systems & creating more possibilities for generations of women to come. 

28 Days ~ DJ IPO


'Love, you are about to embark on a brand new journey, fresh start, ground zero & you have NO IDEA the adventure that's in front of you.' 

@nikolinanolan heard these words as she held the hand of a stranger while sitting on a plane bound for Australia. She was in her early 20's & was leaving behind everyone & everything she knew to move to the 'Land Down Under'. With every emotion waving through her & tears streaming down her face, the wheels of the plane lifted off Canadian soil. 

'They were scary tears, happy tears, everything!' 

Nikolina has been fearlessly discovering herself ever since we met. She's moved from Vancouver, to Australia, to TO & went from working in hospitality, to modelling, to music. As a new DJ with a fierce passion for music, Nikolina feels like this time she just might have found home. 

'I'm a true believer of doing what you love, & then if you're not happy in your situation, change it!

Give it a timeline. If you made a commitment to do something, you have to see it through, but give yourself a timeline. You can't keep yourself in a situation that isn't giving back to you.

And don't make yourself wrong about how you feel. Give something a go, but if it doesn't feel right, then let it go, cuz it's clearly not where you are supposed to be.' 

Wise words Nikolina. There are SO MANY options for how we can express ourselves & be a contribution to the world around us. So why do we put so much pressure on our own, or others' discovery processes?

What could be possible if we supported and encouraged trying more things throughout the many stages of life that happen after High School? Tapped into our intuition when making big choices? Allow our good & bad feelings to guide us, over what anyone else thinks or wants? 

Thank you Nikolina, for reminding us how BOSS it is to listen to your intuition & make your own damn choices 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏿

27 Days ~ Nikolina Nolan


My #BOSSBITCHfeature for today is perhaps a little unconventional...

I want to applaud all the strong & inspiring women who said 'no' to being a part of 'The BO$$ BITCH Project'. 

Overall, I have received SO MUCH positive feedback on this interview series, 
so why highlight that some of the femme leaders I reached out to said 'no' to this project? 

Because they didn't say 'no' because they didn't want to be involved. They did so, because they are BOSSES & they couldn't fit the needs of my project's timeline into their schedules without:

➡️ dropping the ball within one of their own projects

➡️ sacrificing quality time with the people closest to them

➡️ skipping or reducing rest/recharge time 
(exercise, downtime, meditation, sleep)

I want to salute you, 
because I know what it's like to want to do it all, 
but realize that's not realistic.

I want to salute you for knowing your values & making choices that are intentionally aligned with your greater goals. 

Sometimes we have to make tough choices with how we spend our time on this planet & I want to give props to this group of BOSSES, who knew that they wanted to say 'yes', but still said 'no' because they weren't willing to give up on their own self care, or greater goals in order to squeeze in 1 more project. 

They knew they could make a real difference with this project, but that they could make an even bigger difference if they invested that time with their family, had a break through on the big project they are working on, or rested for the coming day.

Props to all the people who know that once you deplete yourself past a certain point, 
you aren't actually being a contribution to anyone. 

Practicing self care & knowing your boundaries?

That's super BOSS 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏿

26 Days ~ For the BOSSES Who Said 'No' To This Project.


'My body is no lesser or better than yours.
Everything is neutral. 
There's no value placed on it.

Nothing about my capacity to be human is determined by how my body looks.'

Critically acclaimed MC & Burlesque Rapper, @CrystalPrecious teaches me about something you don't hear about much on Insta, 'Body Neutrality'

'You remove the value system around 
how your body looks.' 

'One thing about burlesque that was annoying for me, was everybody just assumed I was in love with my body all the time cuz I was a stripteaser. It's like, nooo... there're actually different situations.

I feel I'm a gorgeous, beautiful person energetically & physically. I appreciate my body & I like it in lingerie, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I don't have days where I feel the effects of fat phobia. 

I think it's unrealistic to pretend it doesn't exist or to be positive all the time, it just adds to the pressure. Our choices are to hate ourselves or love every inch no matter what? How about not giving a shit instead? Because it literally doesn't matter.

There's a lot of people who would choose serious illness over weight gain, 
and that's really sad.' 

But Crystal knows a secret. 
She knows the history of our current value system & guess what? 

It's racist. 

Rooted in the transatlantic slave trade Sabrina Strings, author of 'Fearing the Black Body' explains that, once in colonies it was noticed 'that Africans are sensuous. They love sex & they love food, & for this reason they tend to be fat. Europeans, we have 'rational self-control'. So in terms of body size, we should be slender & watch what we eat.'

Then modern media rammed it down our throats that being thin was superior. 

So what does Crystal do in times of insecurity? 

"Basically it's training your brain to be like 
'that thought is rooted in lies. 
I will not think that thought anymore.

& surround yourself with people that support you in seeing yourself in a positive light." 

Breaking intergenerational curses 
& rewriting the rules. 

Crystal Precious truly is 1 inspiring BO$$ BITCH 🙌

25 Days ~ Crystal Precious


24 Days ~ Alexa Rae Cooper

Across North America a growing number of women are taking the opportunity to deviate from life's most lived script 
& hitting the open road instead 🛣

After turning a van into a tiny home & climbing aboard a lifestyle of freedom & adventure, Alexa Rae Cooper (@FlowMotion_Sound) joined an inspiring community of women who are rewriting the rules & taking charge of their lives. 

When the #VanLife hashtag first sprung up online there were few women contributing posts. While some women were choosing VanLife, few wanted to post publicly about their nomadic lifestyle for safety reasons. 

Now, not only are more women choosing this lifestyle, but they are also no longer afraid to post about it. According to a study by Outbound Life, aprox 36% of VanLifers are women who live & travel alone. 

There are both online & mobile communities of support for women who have chosen to be Vanlifers, created by female identifying Vanlifers themselves. 

Alexa got rid of a lot of her fears surrounding a major lifestyle change by doing research. 

'How are the people who are already doing this, doing it? 
How are they protecting themselves? 
What are they making themselves aware of to feel more comfortable?' 

Alexa also had never done a reno on a house, worked on a car, or even made ANYTHING out of wood before deciding to buy & reno her van herself. 

"Fear is going to come up with any sort of big shift & there usually isn't someone to tell you 'this is the best time to go and do this major life change'. You just gotta shift your thoughts to 'ok, I'm going to do this now.’

And as you follow your heart, it's like this BIG fire gets lit & everyone is like 
'WOAH! What you use for kindle bro?’

I think the more we follow our own hearts & come alive, 
it not only inspires other people, 
it gives people permission to follow their own hearts.'

Choosing freedom & following your heart,
is just SO DAMN BOSS.

24 Days ~ Alexa Rae Cooper


'No matter what women choose, 
they are gonna be judged for it. 
So you might as well be true to yourself.'

Sammi recalls telling people that her upcoming year included plans to 'ramp things up' with her music career... 
oh and also, that she was pregnant 🤯 

'I was actively telling people, 
'No, no, no! This is NOT going to stop me from my dreams! 
Because it felt like people thought it would take me out of the game.'

With only aprox 20% of the music industry being female, & not all of those women choosing to be mothers, 
women like award winning singer/songwriter @SammiMorelli, are few & far between. 

'You become stronger in knowing your own needs & knowing how far you can push yourself. 

And you have to get more intentional & really figure out what you need to accomplish the things that matter to you most.'

Sammi's advice to others thinking of starting a family?

➡️ Follow your gut. What do YOU want? If being a Mom is extremely important to you, then you'll find a way to make it work. 

➡️ Songs & projects are babies too! You can totally be a Mom without birthing a child. You deserve the freedom to choose what you want to create & nurture in your time on this planet. 

➡️ If you do choose to be a Mom, try to surround yourself with as much support as possible.

➡️ You don't have to stay stuck with people who contribute more negative energy to your life, than positive, 
but it does take effort to find your tribe. They are out there, but it's up to you to actively go find them. 

Towards the end of our time together she gives me the ultimate tip on balancing your career goals & family.

'The trick is to have an amazing support network. 

After all, that's how most working Dads do it, isn't it?' 

Touché Sammi. 

23 Days ~ Sammi Morelli


'Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done'

@ShannenCarlson quotes Madonna when I ask her how she feels about the word 'bitch'.

When I ask her what the definition of the word 'bitch' is, she answers:

'Ferocity, edginess, grit, passion, & perseverance. I've never been offended if someone has called me a bitch. 
I take it as a compliment.' 

She def has a BOSS spirit. Through a love of the Entertainment & Nightlife Industries, Shannen quickly found herself coordinating & managing events ➡️ from nightclub events & concerts to major festivals. 

Shannen belongs at the top, & I'm not just talking about her choice to leave her home in Winnipeg & move waaaay up Whistler Mountain. She is a natural leader, but just as her skillset began to shine, she was served up a harsh dose of reality.

'I will never forget being told by the owner of one of my previous club jobs that I would never be promoted to the top because I was a woman. Despite listing off all of my education, qualifications, & years of experience, it made no difference. Sadly people can be jaded with the notion that appearance can matter more than qualifications or education.’

So how did Shannen handle this news? 

She DID NOT kick down the door that had just slammed in her face. 

What she did do? 
She built her own damn door! 🚪 

She started her own company, CALENDAR GIRL PRODUCTIONS, 
where the only limits placed on her, 
were the limitations of her own imagination. 

She is the producer & publisher of the Exposed Bikini Calendar Series where her combined skill sets of event coordination, fundraising, and producing art come together to create pure magic 🪄 

‘Communication & respect are of the upmost importance when working with my employees. I always encourage everyone to be open with their input & creativity.’ 

Seeing that collaboration produces more richness than ego, creating opportunities when doors were slammed in her face, & running a business where no one’s contribution is limited by how they were born is INCREDIBLY FUCKING BO$$. 

Bravo Shannen, bravo 👏👏🏾👏🏿
Women like you are truly changing the game.

22 Days ~ Shannen Carlson

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Kristine Kovačević (@kristinekova) is literally rewriting history.

She is the Manager of Interpretation & Visitor Experience for the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. 

Pier 21 is the place that welcomed hundreds of thousands of immigrants into Canada between 1928-1971 & now stands to keep Canada’s rich immigration history alive. 

'Canada has a complicated past with racism & with slavery as well. We have this metanarrative in Canada that we've never been racist, that we accept everyone in, 
& that is not even a little bit true.'

The thing about historians is that they don't record everything that ever happened in the past, they make decisions about what's important & what they think is important,
is what gets included.' 

Kristine tells me that it 100% matters who the storyteller is when it comes to history, & like you would probably guess, much of the history we know was written by white men.

'Many of the stories we've been taught were important, are about people being powerful, more dominant, & taking, taking, taking.'

Kristine tells me what's important about history is looking for the knowledge that can help us live in the present, & that more people would be interested in history, if they were able to see themselves represented in the stories. 

Sometimes people come up to her at work, furious that Pier 21 hasn't represented their family's immigration story. A scenario where Kristine exhibits a surprising 'go-to' form of leadership. 

She says to them 'WOW! I would LOVE to know your family's story! Can we have it? Please!?!' 

Pier 21 now has both written & oral history collections full of rich immigration stories that were once missing from our history & were collected from museum visitors, right at Pier 21.

'We don't want to erase history as we know it, we just need to add to it, 
to allow for a more holistic picture.'

What a POWERFUL way to tell people that they matter. That their story is valued & we don't want to lose it 🤯 

Telling someone's story with respect, 
is ultimately a way that we express that their life matters.

Kristine, your leadership & what you are up to in the world is just so DAMN BOSS.

21 Days ~ Kristine Kovačević


20 Days ~ Rachel Wainwright

Founder of @ExhaleYogaRetreats @Yoga.Rachel allllmost said no to being a part of this project. 

As an entrepreneur & yogi she's discovered the profound impact of how the words we use interact with the world around us
& she does not feel aligned with the word 'bitch'. 

'Every word has a vibration & I'm growing a heightened awareness around what I think, say, & write. I'm purposely choosing more 'higher conscious' words that have a higher vibration; words that make me feel uplifted & empowered.' 

When she read the word 'bitch' in my project proposal, the energy punched her in the stomach. ‘I was like 'uuugh' cause that word has so much negative energy wrapped around it, that it feels like an anchor to me.' 

Rachel is within the 28% of entrepreneurs that are female. Her previous business?
A yoga & dance studio, called Exhale. 

Though this was her passion, 
Rachel quickly learned that what you own, 
can end up owning you. 

Torn between her ❤️ of helping people heal themselves through yoga, & navigating what felt like a constant business battlefield, Rachel found herself in tears more times than she'd care to admit. 

In one powerful breakdown she recalls a good friend's wisdom becoming her compass.
'You're meant to do this in a different way, 
that hasn't come to you yet.' 🤯 

After letting this truth sink in, Rachel sold Exhale Studio, gave up her life in Vancouver & fearlessly began running in the direction of her dreams.

It took letting go of the life she knew ✅
listening to & honouring her intuition ✅
+ a lot of hard work ✅
= her new business ⬇️
Exhale Yoga Retreats

Rachel used to feel like she had to embody masculine energy to be strong. An earlier version of herself would have said 'yeah, I'm a bitch', but used it like a coat of armour. 

“I would be like

But the truth is, I do.

So now I’m starting to be like 
‘ok, instead of pretending I’m something I’m not, or tryna change who I am naturally, I will embrace it & I will use it as my super power! & it’s working SOOO well for me now.’ 😍❤️

Your ♥️ is so BOSS Rach. Soft is the new strong. Expect to see more future leaders show up like this ⬆️


'It's all about unlearning. 
That's the HUGEST thing!!! Because we all have racist tendencies, ALL OF US. 

You're not personally racist, 
but the system you are benefiting from is racist.

We want to be perfect, so we don't admit it, 
but we all do have racist tendencies & 
it's from the systems we've been raised with.'

@DJOshow (AKA Orene) is a siiick DJ, 
but in talking with her I find out that her artistic skillset is just the tip of the iceberg of her good work in the world, 
cause Orene is ultimately an agent of change. 

Making change through motivational speaking by day, & through music by night, Orene who is Afro-Indigenous, 2-Spirit, & the 1st generation of her family to not go to residential school, is ALSO making change as an elected Council Member for the Squamish Nation. 

She saw most politicians as 'old, male, pale, & stale', so in addition to jumping into politics herself, she also became a big advocate for more Indigenous &/or Queer youth getting in political positions where they can have a voice in regards to the things that matter to them too. 

'You don't make change by calling people out. I'm actually totally against that. 
It's about educating people 
in a kind way where the information can actually reach them.'

When she says this, it reminds me of #Seth ⬇️
'It doesn't matter that you're right, 
it matters that you are understood.' 💡 

Equality is not a destination. 
But a big part of the process of equality is a continual conversation. 

Orene tells me that it's about getting as many people possible to join a continual conversation, where we keep asking ourselves each time we begin again, 
'how can we do better this time?'

'Saying that someone has privilege doesn't mean you've had it easy your whole life. It means there is an extra set of challenges out there, that they haven't had to contend with.'

And we start to take those extra challenges down, by being a part of the conversation over & over again 
➡️ how can we do better this time? 

You are inspiring DJ Oshow! Your patient, kind, & encouraging leadership is sculpting the future & leadership in a beautiful way ☀️ 

19 Days ~ DJ Oshow


'Being open about it was the change I needed to start healing.' 
Kat Carter made a choice so hard
that most of us fear being in such a position. 

She was forced to choose between her well-being & her dream job. 

When I 1st met @KatRadio she was the Music Director of @Z953fm. With only about 20% of radio announcers being female, it is extra notable that Kat wasn't only an on-air host (which is an accomplishment in itself), but she also climbed her way up to 1 of the top leadership positions at the station 
➡️ Music Director. 

From Z she moved to working as Assistant Music Director at CHUM in TO, where she'd dreamed of working her entire life 😍

'I didn't want anyone to know I was struggling with my mental health, so I just pretended I was ok for so many years. Which was a bad thing to do, cuz it all started to pile up & my mental health really started to deteriorate. I had to leave the radio industry & that was so hard for me.'

Kat feels happier & healthier now that she isn't working in radio anymore. She's started her own business & has found a new way that she can still be a contribution to the industry she loves so much, but on her own terms. 

‘I used to be at a point where I couldn't get out of bed, or leave the house ➡️ to being able to have my own company & do all this!

Healing gave me the space to grow into who I was meant to be.' 

What are some of Kat’s mental health hacks?

➡️ Look up online tests for things like anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD etc if you think you could be dealing with a mental health issue. 

➡️ No Social Media after 10pm 

➡️ Personalize your Social Media (stop following or mute anyone who posts content that makes you feel negative.) 

➡️ Take AT LEAST 5 minutes a day for self care. You can’t effectively give to anyone else, unless you give to yourself first. 

➡️ Everyone’s mental health can benefit from meditation & journaling

➡️ Finding a good therapist to help you is a total GAME CHANGER 💥

Love it Kat! Taking control of your health & happiness is just SO. DAMN. BOSS 🔥

18 Days ~ Kat Carter


'As a Mechanical Engineer I've NEVER had a female role model in my industry, because I've never experienced anyone above my position being female. I don't know what it's like to have a female manager, or supervisor.' 

Emily Robinson (@Emi_Robin) has a badass job. She is a Junior Marine Systems Engineer for the Canadian Navy for their submarine contracts. Currently she is refitting submarines, which is a process of modernizing older submarines with new technology, allowing them to perform more covert operations. 

Only 13% of Engineerings are female. Emily graduated with her B.Eng just three years ago & when she started her schooling she was one of nine women in a class of 130 students😱😱😱

By graduation day, Emily was one of ONLY TWO women to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer. 

One of the first places Emily points to for creating more equality is within our language. 

''Jokes have been a large part of my schooling & career. I've had teachers make inappropriate jokes, not at my expense, but at women's expense. It's like they've forgotten I'm in the room & they think it's ok to tell jokes that make fun of women. Even if I'm not in the room, it's still not ok, but I am here.' 

When in school Emily didn't speak up about this type of behaviour, but ever since she has joined the workforce she has found a straightforward way to address this kind of situation. 

As soon as it’s said, Emily will directly ask the person who said it (as nonaggressively as possible) 
➡️ ‘do you think that’s appropriate?’ 
➡️ ‘do you think that’s appropriate for the workplace?’ 

It’s usually enough to cause the person to reflect on their behaviour, realize it was hurtful, & change their future responses. 

Her goal in speaking up?

‘I’m hoping the team I just left might be slightly better than before I was there. I’m not changing lives, but at least I’m making men think about their behaviour.’ 

Oh sweet, humble, BOSS Emily! 
Little do you know your words & actions are actually changing lives!

More young women are already realizing that they too can be a part of engineering the world we live in,

because of BOSS BITCHES like you 🔥🔥🔥

17 Days ~ Emily Robinson


'I'm an adult too. I'm just tryna live my life. If a parent sees me at a club, so what? You don't have to give up who you authentically are because the world wants you to show up differently.' 

@Steph.Tsunami has an alter ego & while she may have changed in a phone booth before our interview, she did say it’s ok for me to reveal her secret identity. 

School teacher by day/party starter by night, Steph plays an important role in building the future with our youth, while also helping adults let loose & feel the present moment on the dance floor at night. 

One thing that makes Steph feel like a BOSS is her duel life. "There aren't a lot of traditional jobs where you also see people pursuing something super artsy on the side.'

I feel like you don't even see many teachers take part in the nightlife industry, let alone organizing events & DJing them!!! 

'I think a lot of women stop themselves more based on others saying it's unconventional for them to be making that choice.' 

For Steph, once she saw more representation of female DJs on main stages, from International DJs (like @AnnaLunoe & Alison Wonderland) to local representation (DJs like @ChristineYurie & @SivzMusic), 
Steph remembered about how many people had told her in High School that she would make a good DJ. 

At that moment what popped into her mind was 'ok, maybe there aren't as many barriers as I think & I just need to push myself to do it.'

Now, between her two passions of teaching & creating/sharing music, Ms.Tsunami gets to have her cake & eat it too. She's also finding ways to rewrite the rules for women within the music industry too. 

Every Sunday she plays a live stream with no visual of her. It allows her to still create & share, but removes the need to do hair/makeup & look ‘show ready’. 

‘It’s a way of feeling like the musical creation is enough on its own. The music doesn’t need an hour of hair & makeup to show up at its best. They are literally just listening to my sounds. I’m here to play music, I’m not here to look cute.’


Who you are being in the world is just SO. DAMN. BOSS!!! 🔥🔥🔥

16 Days ~ Steph Tsunami


"If it's between being called a bitch & being taken advantage of, I'll take being called a bitch'

@Michelle.Falcone recently heard these words from her daughter. Some kids at her school were calling her a bitch because she had stood her ground on something that mattered to her.

It's real life experiences like this that have inspired Michelle to become Principal of The Manologues, a docuseries about a history of men not listening, the impact it's had, & the quest for lasting equality. 

'Beginning with the story of Adam and Eve, societies have been trained to belittle or, more commonly, outright ignore what women think, say and write.' 

The Manologues is a history of how women have been shut up, shut out, & shut down. 

Between her two daughters’ experiences being female, & her own, Michelle realized the extreme importance of sharing the information, perspectives, & the lesser told stories of our history. 

Our history has primarily been recorded by white men in positions of power & when it comes to our records of the past, the whole story can be different based on the perspective of the narrator. 

'Why have we been taught so much about 'conquering'? What is conquering, really? It's often used to describe murdering people, taking their land & belongings, & raping women. Why are we relating to 'conquering' as a good thing in so much of history? Why are we celebrating this?

What if in our history we thought it was important to tell stories of how people came together in times of hardship, supported one another, & got through it together? Communities built! The love & healing that happened! Cuz all those things happened too, we were just never taught to focus on them.’ 

Michelle tells me the key to progress here is 
‘all about opening up space to let other stories be told. There’s always going to be different perspectives. The narrative has been so controlled with who is telling the story. Where if we open it up to include other lesser told stories too, we’ll be able to see history much more holistically.’ 

Thank you Michelle for helping pave the road for today’s #BOSSBITCHES & creating the possibility that in future, maybe they’ll just call us #BOSSES 😉

15 Days ~ Michelle Falcone


"I would say the most empowering word instead of 'the B word' is 'Queen', 
cause we should all be treated like one.'

12 year old DJ @Miko.So ? is the youngest person I interviewed for 'The BO$$ BITCH Project' & her perspectives make me feel lit 🔥🔥🔥

Props to her 'Dadager' Brad, for seeing the possibility in having his daughter weigh in on a conversation that some parents would have deemed too risky, or beyond her years. 

Even from afar, it's clear to me that Brad is the kind of Dad who encourages his daughters to step into their power, which in turn,
is a big part of what has me knocking at Miko.So?'s door to hear her insights on the world 🌎 

Miko.So? got a toy DJ set for her 9th birthday & the rest we'll probably hear about in a future lifetime movie, cuz it is CRAZY HOW FAR her skillset has come in just 3 short years!!! She's already playing gigs at a professional level & has a Friday night residency with a radio station based out of Texas (Party 105 DFW).

Miko.So? hopes to show young girls that they can do anything they put their minds to, including being successful in a male dominated industry. 

Something else that excites me to find out when talking with her, is that she is seeing more & more young women sign up for lessons at her DJ school @TableTutors 

Miko.So? might not know this, but Table Tutors has actively curated programs & a learning environment that is inviting and inclusive to women. Which is, in an industry where less than 20% of the spots are filled by female DJs, no small thing. With female teachers & programs like their 'Ladies First Scratch Club' Table Tutors has been opening up the doors of a long standing boys club & finding the outcome is incredible!

'If other women are successful in music, then more women will want to start joining too. It's motivating when you see girls up there in front of people. I think seeing it will cause more people to wanna be up there, 
to want to join them.'

Bravo Miko.So? 👏

Seeing the future through your eyes is inspiring & hope filled! 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏿

Watch out 🌎! There is a fierce new generation of game changers in town 💥💥💥

14 Days ~ DJ Miko.So?


'I never thought dance would become my job. I was still in the mindset of 'I need a career'. 
Not a lot of people will tell you that you can do dance as a career, so I never really thought about it." 

@RebelIndustry makes her living through dance, but not only that, she’s been on the front lines of growing & creating opportunities within an emerging dance genre ➡️ Shuffle.

Before choosing to make her passion her career, Rebel worked as a Project Manager during the day & trained in shuffle at night. She was in the mindset of ‘this is a cushy job, I could never leave this for something so uncertain.' 

Sometimes we think the only way forward is the logical way. But when you follow the path that 'feels' right, opposed to the one you 'think' is right, everything just falls into place.'

Sometimes logic can blind us to what our intuition is saying, or even screaming. 

Not making a choice meant that Rebel was working all the time. She became anxious & over-exhausted. She felt she could never be fully present, & instead constantly felt pulled in two different directions.

“Basically my partner had a conversation with me & was like 'listen, you need to decide if you want to pursue this & if you do, I will support you in that.’ 

Having that conversation was so good because I knew it needed to be addressed, but I was pushing it down so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. As soon as he said that, I was like ‘I do need to address this! I am running myself into the ground! This is probably why I feel so much anxiety! I’m not addressing if I want to do this for real & give it my all.’ 

When I ask how she knows the difference between when her logic or intuition is speaking, she responds 
‘intuition is guiding me when I feel pure love, pure joy.’ 

‘You don’t need the external affirmations that what you are doing is right. You just have to feel that it is & operate from that place & things will happen more naturally & completely.’

Listening to your intuition, even when what it tells you is scary & forces you to face the unknown? 

Bravo Rebel 👏 
Cuz that is hella BOSS 🔥🔥🔥

13 Days ~ Rebel Industry


'I think the word 'bitch' has come to mean 'someone who unapologetically speaks for themselves.' 

@DjVioletEve 's perspective,
& it couldn't be more perfect, because she is someone who DEFINITIVELY unapologetically speaks for herself. 

From choosing to pursue a career in music while being a Mom (Happy Mother's Day to all the BOSS MAMA's out there!!!) to stomping over the usual judgements that get hurled at female performers ➡️ too fat, too skinny, too muscular, too revealing, too tattooed', Violet Eve is a living example of how curating your 'fucks given' can result in the life of your dreams. 

As if that isn't BOSS enough on its own, she has also been making change on a political level too. 

As Covid restrictions around Australia eased, her state (Adelaide) kept their ban on dancing in place, even though sports arenas were allowed to have 16,000 spectators at events 😱

'Humans have been dancing together since the dawn of time. It not really about exercise, it's about the experiences you create 
& the connection with others. 

It's about celebrating & about experiencing joy in its purest form. There aren't many activities that we can engage in that have the same positive effects.' 

So what did Violet Eve do? 

She spoke up. She rallied people together online & started to point out the inconsistencies. 

‘At first people didn’t care, because they didn’t see people like me as tax paying citizens wanting to go back to work, they saw us as delinquents of society who just wanted to party. 

But by speaking up through multiple platforms, the news networks saw our plight & fought for us too. We started rallying together online.’ 

The continued efforts of Violet Eve & a passionate group of DJs, Hospitality Staff, & dance floor regulars eventually convinced their government officials to lift the dance ban on Feb 24th, 2021.

Through research, connecting with community, & using her voice, Violet Eve helped herself get back to work, while bettering the quality of life of anyone who loves music & connection in Adelaide. 

Please keep being the change you wish to see in the 🌎 @DjVioletEve 🙌

Cuz that’s some #BOSSBITCH 💩💥


12 Days ~ Violet Eve


'Now I make my decisions by following my heart, but before I made them based on codependency. 

Which is why my journey has been so back & forth, because I was doing things that I thought other people wanted of me. 
I wasn't doing things for myself.’

Electronic Music Producer & Artist Coach @Alarke_ went on a long & varied journey before she found her way home. 

She started working in musical theatre at the age of 7, but then bounced to studying ⬇️
opera, jazz, gypsy jazz, audio engineering, pop, & indie before finally landing somewhere she authentically felt she could hang her hat 
➡️Electronic Music

Alarke spent most of her life training & performing, however in the end, 
that wasn't what made the difference in her career success & ultimately her happiness. 

It was working with a Life & Business Coach. 

It was learning about codependency & unpacking why she had made previous life choices. It was practicing self awareness & taking the time to learn who she really was, as well as realizing the biggest limiting beliefs she faced were ⬇️

'Ultimately coming from my own mind. Because I have to take responsibility, 
or I can't change anything.' 

Such an incredibly powerful insight Alarke 💥 

While what others say can impact us, it's really the hurtful things that we secretly believe in as well, that hurt us most. It’s what we mentally hold on to & whisper to ourselves that ends up effecting our self esteem, our actions, & our overall self-worth. 

'It might sound like it's coming from somewhere else, but really all of these blocks are just me getting in my own way.

I’d been making electronic music for 10 years! 
I just wasn’t finishing it because I wasn’t confident in myself.’ 

So how did Alarke get past her own blocks? 
➡️ continued working with a Life Coach

➡️ joined organizations that support women in music (She Said So, Women In Music, & Female Music Producers Of the World)

➡️ started her own ‘Signature Sound’ program that creates community & a safe space for female identifying artists to increase their knowledge, practice their craft, & demystify the music industry. 

Knowing yourself & truly living your own life is just so BOSS Alarke 🔥🔥🔥

11 Days ~ Alarke


'Just because it's a 'no' now, doesn't mean it'll be a 'no' next year. Keep working, keep going to your classes & refining your talent. 

It's not that you're not good enough, 
it's just that you're not ready today.'

These are the wise words that founder of @ZynthAndCo @EffyRyan speaks to every dancer who gets cut at one of their auditions. 

@desireesunshinee & Effy co-own Zynth & Co, an entertainment company specializing in award-winning dancers & performers, as well as NEXT LEVEL costuming that truly brings event themes to life. 

These two BOSSES defy the odds when it comes to entrepreneurship. 

1st ➡️ only 28% of CDN entrepreneurs are female 

2nd ➡️ female owned or not, 
1/3 of ALL new businesses go under within their first 3 years in business, 
& Zynth just celebrated their 8th Anniversary. 

As two creative powerhouses Desiree & Effy are also rewriting what's possible when it comes to women collaborating in business. 

A study by A.Gabriel of University of Arizona reveals that “Queen Bee Syndrome”— the phenomenon of powerful women being disliked— is very real. Her study displays that in the workplace women are often meaner to each other than men are to women.

Gabriel explains, we call it 'catty' when 'women are treated uncivilly by other women at work because they are viewed as violating gender expectations & perhaps, competing for the same resources.”

But clearly there must be some secret sauce that Zynth has to ensure excellence in their creations, which include a predominately women identifying lineup of performers. 

And they do

1. When it comes to both members of their team & clients, they would rather have quality over quantity. (They want to feel inspired by who they get to work with!)
2. They are setting new industry standards as a group (better pay standards for dancers + high levels of artistry & professionalism)
3. Their team is family. (They celebrate each member’s unique strengths & foster possibility through collaboration. Mama Des & Mama Effy check in on their performers at gigs)
4. Desiree tells me ‘it’s all about women supporting women & competition always is inspiration.’

Keep slaying ladies! 
What you are up to is hella BOSS🔥

10 Days ~ Desiree Sunshine & Effy Ryan


@MsRebekkah tells me her heart sank to the floor when the police told her she was 'lucky' to not have been 'pulled into a bush & raped by a stranger'. 

But she had still been sexually assaulted.

So she instead she went to a lawyer for support. What did they say?

'We'll take your case on, but if you were our daughter, we'd tell you not to do this. This is not a fair system & it sucks. You are unlikely to get the justice that you deserve & in the meantime you're going to be dragged through the dirt.’

Then Rebecca’s doctor explained that she could make a bigger difference if she had any sort of legal background. ‘I was working in marketing at the time, so I ended up making a switch & going to law school.’ 

While doing her undergrad at McGill, Rebecca was the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. She co-wrote the school's Sexual Assault Policy, & started running free workshops for the public on things like how to be an active bystander.

'It was important to put certain protocols in place, because before that it was completely discretionary & when it's discretionary, people tend to sweep things under the rug, cause they don't know how to handle the situation.' 

Rebecca looks in awe at a possibility she learned about from studying Indigenous legal systems. 

'Their entire approach is about rehabilitation. When there is a problem, they sit down as a community, because they see it as a community problem & they deal with it in a healing circle. I think there is something that feels right about that.' 

What did she want after her own experience with sexual violence? 
‘I didn’t feel like I needed to see revenge, or punishment, but I did want to know that other women would be protected.’ 

In summary:
1) Every company needs a specific Sexual Assault Protocol 

2) Our legal system desperately needs an overhaul to better protect women & offer rehabilitation for sexual violence offenders

3) Everyone needs therapy. Both offender & victim. (At a certain point she realized ‘yes, this shitty thing happened to me, but I have to take accountability for my own life so I can move forward, & for me, taking accountability was going to therapy.’)

4) Rebecca is a BOSS BITCH 🔥

9 Days ~ Ms. Rebekkah


@weareliinks front woman Georgia Murray, is also their manager. Though that might not be obvious if you saw the sound tech not including her in the conversation at her own damn show.

‘One thing I wish would change about the music industry is people giving me the benefit of the doubt when it comes to my craft, my gear, my setup. I hate when a sound tech defaults to talking with Tony (her male band mate) about a tech issue with my setup. I know my gear & troubleshooting with me first is most often the fastest solution. It drives me crazy when a sound tech just assumes I don’t know anything & instead goes to my partner.’ 

After talking with Georgia, I’m beginning to think Tony’s picture shows up when you Google the definition of ‘woke’. 

‘Every time that happens, Tony tells them to ask me.’ 

Bravo Tony 👏 In my opinion, gently pointing others in the direction of equality is much more powerful than shaming people, or calling them out. 

It’s amazing how inequality can live in a blindspot. Perhaps those sound techs made that choice because the world has taught them that a person in a leadership position is usually male. Perhaps they made the choice to talk business with Tony in a split second, without even thinking about why, 
even though, in this case, Georgia is ‘the man’. 

Georgia also pointed out to me that equality
‘is not just about creating space for women as leaders, it’s also about creating space for men to lean into their feminine side.’ 

What a wonderful truth! We all have both masculinity & femininity within us, and while equality is often centred around how women have been oppressed, there are also ways the same systems have held back men from fully expressing themselves. Holding them back from being able to cry, wearing that floral print they kinda liked, or wanting to be a stay at home Dad. 

Georgia recently played at Red Rocks Amphitheatre w @TheFunkHunters, on a bill with 60 other musicians, & she was the ONLY female musician in the ENTIRE LINEUP. 

She is an artist, a manager, a visionary, & a game changer. Challenging the world to change just by being her authentic self. ✨

Bravo Georgia 👏
You are so.damn.BOSS

8 Days ~ Georgia Murray


8 Days ~ Georgia Murray

@lisavonsturmer grew up watching Captain Planet, but she never thought fighting for the environment would become her job. 

Lisa is the CEO & Founder of @GrowingCity, which offers award-winning recycling & waste reduction programs. 

Growing City is almost 12 years old. 
➡️ Lisa is the sole owner
➡️ She started with just a wee loan of $15,000 in startup
➡️ Has bootstrapped her way up into the 2% of women whose companies net over 1 million USD per year. 

Before starting her own business Lisa worked in the film industry. 

'I'd been working for months to get on a shoot as a story producer & I'd finally gotten booked in this role for a shoot & I was really excited about it!'

Then a week before the shoot, Lisa saw her name had been removed from the project & replaced with her male colleague's name. 
So she went to her boss' office and exclaimed:

'I've been working so hard! This was my chance! 
Why'd you take me off the list?' 

To which he replied 'It's no place for a woman. You'd be the only woman on the shoot. I'm not gonna send you out there. Why do you even want to go anyway?' 

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that this was just over a decade ago, which is really not that long ago. 

Lisa was so disappointed. 'This felt like an opportunity that I had earned & it didn't seem like a good enough reason to take it away. 
It felt like a crappy thing to do.’

So she thought to herself 'if having a BOSS means that someone can take away something I’ve worked for, then I’ll become my own BOSS instead!'

In the moment she remembers feeling insulted, & then in time recognized 'Oh! That's what sexism is!' 

It was then that she also realized that while parts of working in film had been fun to Lisa
'It didn't feel that important. I wanted to do something where I felt good about my life's value. I wanted to feel like I had built something that was beyond me.’

So Growing City was born! In addition to Growing City’s financial success, Lisa is also helping reduce waste & increase waste education. The average person can help by buying less, buying 2nd hand, & not buying single use plastics. 

Wow Lisa!
You are just SO. DAMN. BOSS 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏿

7 Days ~ Lisa von Sturmer 


'I don't care what size you are. I'm all about making anyone & everyone feel welcomed, loved, & appreciated. The worst part about the fashion industry is how exclusive it is, & it makes it worse when every top tier fashion designer is a guy.

I think every industry is male dominated & that sucks. It's like if you're not male, you just naturally don't get as many opportunities.' 

@LillzKillz is a Fashion Designer & creative force, but with a GPA of 56%, she barely graduated High School. She felt pressure in regard to her academic performance.

'I would question myself & wonder why I am so obsessed with clothes & fashion? Why do I spend so much time on But then I find out that these things were actually like research for my future.' 

The things that were making her 'weird' or 'different' were actually her biggest gifts! And the times she felt that she didn't fit in, were actually because she is so special & talented. 

Lillz wants to share this message with today’s youth. 
‘Even if you are almost failing out of school, you can still have a wildly successful future in front of you. 

Try & apply yourself, but if you are trying & it's not happening it doesn't mean that you aren't good enough. It just means that you haven't found what you are supposed to be doing yet.' 

Something else that is hella inspiring about Lillz is her view of her industry.
'Fashion is amazing, but the industry itself is absolutely backwards. It's screwed up & there is so much judgement. It's like you have to be a certain level of ‘cool’ to be welcome.’

So Lillz set out to create her own rules. Her orders are custom made based on your measurements. No more need to classify your size, your garment will be ‘you’ sized! Her designs may lean into either our feminine or masculine sides, but everything is unisex. Her future stores will omit ‘men’s’ & ‘women’s’ sections, giving people more freedom within how they express themselves. 

Creating inclusion, love, & acceptance in an industry that has been so judgemental & exclusive is not just BO$$,

it is downright inspiring & beautiful too.

6 Days ~ Lillz Killz


5 Days ~ Verica Kova

'I know you don't want my father-in-law, 
but we cannot leave him. 
The only thing I can do is kill him. 

Then you can take me & my husband & we can be with our children. 
Just say it & I will kill him,
because I MUST be with my children.'

Since this project is called 'The BO$$ BITCH Project', I thought it would be appropriate to interview one legit gangster. 

Just kidding! While, Verica Kovacevic isn't a mob BOSS, she does know how to take leadership to unparalleled levels.

Born in Bosnia, Verica was married w two children when the Bosnian War broke out in ‘92. They lived above their business
➡️ a bakery🥖

One night as they lay sleeping a group of men with guns broke down their door & took her husband, Esad to a concentration camp where he was beaten daily.

Forces from Serbia were capturing & imprisoning men who could be summoned by Bosnia to join the fight. 

Verica thought only her husband was in danger, so she continued to live with her children & father-in-law, in their home above the bakery. 
'When my house exploded I was sitting on a chair & my children were there, when the explosion happened, my chair & me dropped down to the bakery.

At that moment I was so scared to call out to my children, because I was sure that they were dead.' 

Thankfully her children had survived, but in that moment Verica realized 'THEY ACTUALLY WANT TO KILL US! They can kill Esad whenever they want because they've got him, but they want to kill me & my children! 

This is the moment I realized I will send my children to Canada.' 

Verica got her children to safety through an International Student Program. She sent them, but stayed behind to save her husband’s life. While he was eventually released, the horrors of the experience have lived in him since. 

When Verica applied to come to Canada to be with her children, the Canadian government wouldn’t accept her father-in-law because he was 82. So she wrote the words you read at the beginning of this write up in desperation of being reunited with her children.

It took 3 years of not seeing them, 19 months living in a refugee camp, & a dramatic, emotion filled letter to get her family to safety. 
Verica, you are an OG BOSS🔥

5 Days ~ Verica Kovacevic


''There's a quote that says 
'Your thoughts are not facts.' 

So fear is how I'm feeling in the moment, but it's not a fact & should not define me. The horrors that I have gone through & the trauma... that does not define who I am.'

 lived through the Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi, where armed forces & Hutu groups tortured
& killed 1 million members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group in just 100 days. 

Between April - July 1994 Gentille lost multiple members of her family to the Rwandan Genocide. She was just 11 yrs old. 

I commend her bravery in finding a way out, for facing & slowly healing a daily pain so strong it would have made the average person lose their mind, & for being so vulnerable & authentic in sharing a piece of her story with me. 27 yrs later talking about the war still brings tears to her eyes. 

'When you are going though a traumatic time like that, you always want a way out. Rwanda was going through a rebirth. People were picking up the pieces & burying their loved ones. Subconsciously I was manifesting a new beginning & figuring out what's next for me. That's how my opportunity to move to Vancouver came about. I wanted something new & to step out of the space that had caused so much trauma & sadness.' 

Gentille moved to Vancouver alone with only enough money for the cost of the trip. 

'I'm grateful for the way my life turned out, but I have to honour the fact that it wasn't easy
➡️ being on welfare
➡️not speaking English
➡️& finding the work force prioritizes Canadian work experience

The beginning was really, really hard, but I'm so grateful for how things have turned out & that I made it, in my own way.' 

Gentille worked for a cleaning company for 2 yrs while learning English via ESL classes & a steady diet of Oprah, Maury, & Jerry Springer 😉

She realized that the only way out of this job, was education. Passionate about expressing herself through makeup, she took out a loan & enrolled at Blanche Macdonald. 

Since then Gentille worked at MAC Cosmetics for over a decade & now is a full time makeup artist for film & TV

I think Lizzo wrote the lyric 
‘BOSS up & change your life’ in honour of you my friend 👑

4 Days ~ Gentille


For me, being a BOSS has more to do with my own behaviour, than anything else. 

I feel like a BOSS when:

➡️ I create something in the physical world that started as just a vision in my head

➡️ I smile when someone says ‘you should’ blah, blah, blah! Because I know I have the power to do what I want, over feeling guilted to do what others think ‘I should’ do. 

➡️ I value my own needs equally to the needs of others 

➡️ I plan time to rest & don’t sacrifice scheduled rest for last minute requests, or projects that haven’t met their deadlines 

➡️ I feel possibilities are multiplied through synergistic teamwork (clear expectations & communication + passionate team members + strong leadership, regardless of if I am the leader of the group or not) 

➡️ I stop making time for people who don’t treat me with respect & authenticity. 

➡️ I stop doing things that make me feel like shit

➡️ My house is clean & organized

➡️ When I am able to inspire future members of my dream team to join me in bringing my creative visions to life

➡️ When I am able to figure out how to fund the projects that mean the most to me

➡️ When my team members tell me they love our process of collaborating together

➡️ I realize that if I’m not happy in an area of my life, that I always have the power to either change the situation, or change my mindset

➡️ I don’t doubt myself. I don’t know what’s right for everyone else, but I do know what’s right for me. When I listen to my intuition & trust my gut I feel like a BOSS. 

➡️ I save a chunk of money & then go spend it like the shopping scene in Pretty Woman

➡️ I’m able to elevate a party through music. When I look out from behind the DJ decks to see a seething dance floor, that makes me feel hella BOSS

➡️ I heard after booking the gig, that I was the ONLY female DJ in the NHL.

➡️ I realized that as much as any of the other powerhouse leaders featured in this project, that I also deserve to be on this list. 

Can’t wait to share with you more of what I’ve been building behind the scenes for years now!!! BO$$ BITCH, my 1st single in 7 years, comes out in just 3 SHORT DAYS!!! 😍😍😍

3 Days ~ Barron S


@CanadasDragRaceTop 3 Finalist @ItsScarlettBobo tells me her definition of the word 'bitch'.

'Bitch' is a term of endearment.
Even my Mom says 'Hey Bitch! Come over here!' 
& I'm like 'What Bitch?'
Me & all my friends say 'bitch' like 'what'sup?' 

In some of my early interviews for this project I told people I was comfortable, for the most part, with women using the term, but that men aren't allowed to use it anymore. However, after interviewing Scarlett who identifies as non-binary, I realize that if anyone owns the word 'bitch' now, it's the Pride community. In fact, if the rest of us want to use it, we might have to lease the word back from them, cause they've owned it so hard. 

When I ask Scarlett what she thinks the future of the word 'bitch' looks like, she tells me it isn't going anywhere any time soon. 

'You just gotta take that word back!
And if you don't feel like taking it back, 
than take it back even harder, Henny!'

The 1st recorded use of drag in history (or should I say 'herstory', shoutout Mama @RuPaulOfficial !) was in 1870 in the theatre. Sadly, drag was born out of another way that society was oppressing women. Women were not allowed to work & certainly not allowed to be actors, so instead male actors would play the roles of female characters while 'DRessed As a Girl' AKA dressed in 'drag'. 

While there is a sad element to the birth of drag in terms of how women were being limited, some of the silver linings of this time are beautiful! Men having the freedom to dress as women was the first planting of seeds that would grow into a community of people not afraid to step outside the binary boxes society forced them into, people willing to make living authentically more important than living within other's expectations, & people who realized that loving themselves for who they really are, is a million times more important than having others like you for someone you are not. 

Condragulations Scarlett! Through being brave enough to live your truth you’ve won the reward of a fulfilling, inspiring, & passion filled life.

Fearless authenticity & the ability to love & accept yourself regardless of society’s rules, is hella BOSS 🔥

2 Days ~ Scarlett Bobo


'I love to prove people wrong.

So many people underestimate me, my belief in myself,
in my own strength & confidence.
I'll never turn down the opportunity to prove someone wrong.'

And it's a good thing that Yasaman Gheidi feels this way, 
cause from:
➡️ expressing her love of science through her work as a Medical Radiation Techologist (MRT)
➡️ to being Fashion Designer & CEO of her own company @BlackwoodCastle
➡️ to being an outspoken & unapologetic fashionista/activist on Instagram @lilmoonchildd
Yasaman has been able to use the words of nay-sayers to further propel her in the direction of her dreams. 

From Iran, Yasaman grew up with a very conservative family that abided by strict gender roles that favoured males. Even some simple freedoms that we take for granted, Yasaman wasn't allowed. She was told she couldn't play soccer, or wear shorts when it was hot outside, all because she was a girl. 

Now living in Vancouver BC, I ask Yasaman if she still has family in Iran & if she wants to go back to visit. 

'I would love to go back to Iran to visit, but I cannot because I am queer & I do not have a relationship with my father who is in Iran. If I went back, I would not be allowed to leave the country without my father's permission, & he would never allow it.

I don't have any family in Iran that I would want to see because they disowned me a long time ago, when I didn't fit their mold. I have no interest in resolving any of those relationships, but I would love to see my country. I miss it a lot. I dream about it all the time. But I would never go back because I would be absolutely terrified of what would happen.'

The lack of nurturing at home is a big part of what encouraged her to want to become a medical professional.
'I want to help others. At the same time the lack of nurturing further developed my own imagination, as a way to escape my current circumstance as a child.’ 

And while reality might not have been that pretty, all you have to do is check out @lilmoonchildd to see that her imagination is SPECTACULAR!!! 

Seeing that there is a life beyond what others expect of you isn’t just bold & brilliant, it’s hella BOSS too 🔥

1 Day ~ Yasaman Gheidi

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